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Dock Manager Troubleshooting Tips#

Scheduled Task Does Not Launch#

Background & Problem#

Dock Manager checks the new firmware in the repository at a scheduled time. IT admins can use Windows Group Policy to push scheduling settings to client's PCs.​

Sometimes customer's may encounter an issue that the scheduled firmware checking task does not launch at an expected time.​ This document will explain how to troubleshoot the issue.

Critical Steps for Troubleshooting#

There are 3 critical steps for troubleshooting​:

  1. On a domain controller, check Group Policy Management Editor to make sure group policy settings are properly configured.​
  2. On a client PC, check registry to make sure group policy settings are properly deployed.​
  3. On a client PC, check Task Scheduler to make sure scheduled task exists.


The following example is based on a weekly firmware checking task is set to run at 6:05 am on every Monday and Tuesday.

Check Group Policy#

  1. IT admins should first check Group Policy settings on domain controller.

    Group Policy

  2. Make sure Frequency is set to Enabled and configured as Weekly.


  3. Make sure RunOn is set to Enabled and configured as MONDAY, TUESDAY.


  4. Make sure RunAt is set to Enabled and configured as 06: 05:00.


Check the Registry#

IT admins should then check the registry on a client PC where the issue can be replicated. In the illustrated path, make sure Frequency, RunAt and RunOn exists with correct values. Refer to the screenshot below:


Check Task Scheduler#

As the last steps, IT admins should check Task Scheduler on the same client PC.

  1. Right click Run as administrator to launch Task Scheduler.

    • Task Scheduler should be launched with elevated privileges otherwise some tasks may not be shown.

    Task Scheduler

  2. Make sure a task named DockManager – Task Scheduler is under the illustrated folder.​

  3. Make sure Triggers is configured correctly. Refer to the screenshot:

    Task Scheduler

  4. Check Last Run Time and Last Run Result to find more details and possible cause.


In Dock Manager, scheduled firmware checking task failing to run is normally caused by improperly deployed group policy settings.​

When the issue happens, IT admin should check both domain controller and client PC to determine whether group policy settings are properly deployed.​

  • Group Policy Management Editor on domain controller​
  • Registry on client PC​
  • Task Scheduler on client PC​