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DASH Configuration#

DASH Configuration

DASH Support


  1. Disabled - Default.
  2. Enabled.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
DASHSupport Disabled, Enabled yes
Console Redirection Terminal Type
The following emulation types are available. ANSI: Extended ASCII char set. VT100: ASCII char set. VT100+: Extends VT100 to support color, function keys, etc. VT-UTF8: Uses UTF8 encoding to map Unicode chars onto 1 or more bytes.


  1. VT100.
  2. VT100+ - Default.
  3. VT-UTF8.
  4. PC-ANSI.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
ConsoleRedirectionTerminalType VT100, VT100+, VT-UTF8, PC-ANSI yes