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ATA Drive Setup#

ATA Drive Setup

SATA Controller

Serial AT Attachment (SATA) drive access.


  1. Enable - Default.
  2. Disable.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
SATAController Disabled, Enabled yes

If the SATA Controller is set to Disabled, then Configure SATA as and SATA Drive {Number} will be hidden.


One of the (Serial AT Attachment) Drives. Total number of drives depends on model.


  1. Enabled - Default.
  2. Disabled.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
SATADrive1 Disabled, Enabled yes

The WMI setting name for Drive 1 is shown. Other drives follow the pattern SATADrive# where # is the number of the drive.

Configure SATA As

Configure the SATA (Serial AT Attachment) drive controller.

  • Device driver support is required for AHCI or Intel(R) RST with Intel(R) Optane.
  • Depending on how the hard disk image was installed, changing this setting may prevent the system from booting.


  1. AHCI - enables AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). Default.
  2. Intel (R) RST with Intel (R) Optane mode - enables RST (Rapid Storage Technology).
  3. RAID - enables RAID.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
ConfigureSATAas AHCI, Intel(R) RST with Intel(R) Optane, [RAID] yes
Hard Disk Pre-Delay

Ensures the hard disk has initialized after power up, prior to being accessed. This avoids the disk hanging because of access by the OS before initialization.


  1. Disabled - Default.
  2. 3 - 30 seconds - enables delay, in increments of 3 seconds up 15, then 21 or 30.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
HardDiskPre-delay Disabled, 3 Seconds, 6 Seconds, 9 Seconds, 12 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 21 Seconds, 30 Seconds yes