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Video Setup#

Video Setup

Select Active Video

The primary video device for graphics output.


  1. Auto - automatic selection of graphics output by the system. Default.
  2. IGD - Select Integrated Graphics Device.
  3. PEG - Select PCIe Graphic.
  • If Auto is selected, the system will select a graphics output, prioritizing PEG.
  • The IGD option will not appear if not supported by the CPU.
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
SelectActiveVideo IGD, [PEG], Auto yes
Pre-Allocated Memory Size

Allocate memory to the IGD (Internal Graphics Device).


  1. 32MB - Default.
  2. 64MB
  3. 96MB
  4. 128MB
  5. 160MB
WMI Setting name Values Locked by SVP
Pre-AllocatedMemorySize 32MB, 64MB, 96MB, 128MB, 160MB yes
Total Graphics Memory

Total memory shared by all graphics devices.


  1. Maximum - enables maximum memory allocation. Default.
  2. 128MB.
  3. 256MB.
UMA Frame Buffer Size

Configure the memory size for internal graphic


  1. Auto - Default.
  2. 512MB.
  3. 1024MB.
  4. 2048MB.
Dual DisplayPorts

Dual display ports 1 and 2.

Enable support for MST (multi-stream transport), allowing daisy-chaining of graphics output devices.


  1. MST - Default.
  2. SST (single-stream transport).