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BIOS Event Logging#

This feature logs system and BIOS configuration change events.

How to view event logs#

A log viewer application can be launched from the BIOS Setup Menu.

It allows you to

  • show logs
  • clear logs


  • The clear log process will be run after setup exit.
  • The clear operation is protected by SVP.

Details of event logs#

The number of slots (16 or 64) varies between events.

Each event has a header with event metadata.

The following events are logged:

  • Power On Event
  • Subcomponent Measurement Event
  • BIOS Password Change Event
  • Subcomponent Self-healing Event
  • BIOS Setup Configuration Change Event
  • Device Change Event
  • System Boot Event
  • System Preboot Authentication Event
  • System Tamper Event
  • POST Error Event
  • Flash Update Event
  • Set On-Premise Event
  • Capsule Update Event
  • Log Cleared Event
  • Shutdown/Reboot Event

The details provided for each event may vary. An example is shown below:

Example log entry