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TCG Feature Setup Settings#


TCG Security Device State

Shows TCG (Trusted Computing Group) Security Device State.

View only.

Possible values:

  1. Discrete TPM 2.0
  2. Firmware TPM 2.0
TCG Security Device

Select the type of TCG Security Device:

  1. Firmware TPM
  2. Discrete TPM – Default.

Selecting a different option requires additional confirmation.

Before changing the TCG Security Device, all TPM related applications must be disabled, otherwise you may not be able to access your data.

Security Chip 2.0

Whether to enable TCG security feature.


  1. Enabled - Default.
  2. Disabled.

When set to Disabled, then TxT will be set to Disabled automatically and Clear TCG Security Feature becomes unavailable.

WMI Setting name Values SVP / SMP Req'd AMD/Intel
SecurityChip Disabled, Enabled yes Both
Clear TCG Security Feature

Available only when Security Chip 2.0 is Enabled.

If set to Yes, any data in TPM will be cleared.

One of two options:

  1. Yes.
  2. No – Default.
Physical Presence for Clear

Whether confirmation of a user’s physical presence is needed when clearing the security chip.

When Enabled, the system will display a user confirmation screen when clearing.

  1. Enabled – Default.
  2. Disabled.
WMI Setting name Values SVP / SMP Req'd AMD/Intel
PhysicalPresenceforClear Disabled, Enabled yes Both